NOTICE: On September 25, 2017, this and related companies were sued by the Federal Trade Commission for practices related to their student loan debt relief operation. The United States District Court has entered Preliminary Injunctions and appointed a Receiver to take possession and control of these businesses. The Receiver will NOT resume operations. We recommend that you immediately contact your student loan servicer to determine the status of your loan. A list of student loan servicers can be found at: Whether any refunds will be available to customers will not be known until the case is fully resolved, which will take months, at a minimum. The Receiver has established a webpage with information about the lawsuit which will be periodically updated.

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If you have Federal and Private student loans, we can help with both.

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Qualify for this program and you can also eliminate your student loan interest.

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If you serve in one of many public service jobs, qualify for loan forgiveness.

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Did You Know?

Obama Student Loan forgiveness is really just a nickname for the William D Ford Direct Loan program. This program was actually initiated under President Clinton, but the Obama administration made some changes to it in 2009, popularizing the term. Some of the changes made under the Obama administration include no longer allowing the federal government to give subsidies to private lenders for federally backed loans, and new borrows are eligible for loan forgiveness after 20 years of repayment instead of the previously established 25 years. There are several repayment options available to former students, with many people qualifying for $0 payments until loan forgiveness is available.

The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Alumni Aid Assistance is ready to help students nationwide, in this time of hardship.

$1 Trillion in Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt amounts have skyrocketed in the last 10 years and are at an ever increasing all time high.

$35,000 Average Debt Per Student

Interest rates are going up and there is little to no job placement for graduates.

$3000 New Debt Every Second

Each and every day thousands of students are being lured into signing on the dotted line for their student loan nightmare.

Over 35% Of Loans Default

These loans almost seem designed to fail from the start, with lenders knowing students can’t afford them. Let us help you today.
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