DeVry University Sued for Misleading Students

Federal authorities announced Wednesday a lawsuit against for-profit giant DeVry University for its deceptive television and internet advertisements, which it says made false statements regarding the employment success rates and earnings of its graduates.

The FTC, just one of a few federal agencies investigating the for profit education sector, faulted ads that claimed 90% of its graduates found jobs in their field of study within six months of graduating DeVry. In one example, it alleged the school of including business-administration graduates who ended up with retail jobs like car sales or waitressing as having found work in their field. In another example, DeVry counted one of its graduates that found work as a rural mail carrier as finding a job in ‘technical management,’ the industry which the student had studied for at DeVry University. The lawsuit alleges that DeVry does not have evidence to back up their 90% job placement claim that they repeatedly used in their advertising. Another unsubstantiated claim made in certain DeVry University advertisements falsely indicated that its graduates enjoyed, on average, 15 percent higher incomes one year after graduating than graduates at other institutions.

DeVry University in Miramar Florida

DeVry University in Miramar Florida

This is a trend seen repeated in the for-profit college industry, such as in the downfall of Corinthian Colleges last year. One of Corinthians chains, Heald College, had been discovered to actually paying employers to hire some of its graduates temporarily to inflate their job placement figures, only to have the employer fire the graduate after a day or two. Maybe DeVry didn’t take it that far, but it still stands that this school, like many other for-profits, will tell prospective anything to get them to enroll, with the ultimate goal of receiving the federal student aid money that accounts for so much of their profit.

What to do next if you attended DeVry University

Thankfully, the federal government has been stepping up its efforts to crack down on these gluttonous for-profit colleges, responsible for so much unnecessary debt suffered by their victims. Unfortunately, students aren’t likely to see relief directly from this lawsuit for some time to come. Fortunately however, there is something former students can do in the meantime. The FTC estimates that some 60,000 to 70,000 former students may be eligible to have their loans forgiven through new federal student loan forgiveness programs put into place by the Obama administration. This is great news for former DeVry University students, as these kind of lawsuits can take several years to complete and see monetary compensation come into fruition. Students who believe they’ve been victimized by DeVry’s deceptive marketing practices can call 844-226-4269 to see if they qualify to have their loans forgiven. This will not affect any monetary gain that may result from this lawsuit. Former borrowers owe it to themselves to cut these for-profit colleges off at the legs and stop paying absorbent student loan payments.

To see if you qualify for loan forgiveness for your loans from DeVry University, give us a call or fill out the form below.

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